Alumni News and Events (2024)

This web page is for the Alumni of Mills High. It provides an easy way to find your classmates, register with your class, and see what the Alumni are up to. To add yourself to your class list or to update your email address, phone or residence address, please send mail to the ‘point of contact’ for your class or contact a class near yours. Knowing where you are and how you are doing is important to your classmates. For support of reunions, please contact Johnson Huynh at (650) 558-2519. If you are a class coordinator and need an upcoming reunion posted to this list, please email:

Class of 2011: A reunion will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at Natoma Cabana in San Francisco, California. The event is free to attend. For more information:

Class of 2002: The last reunion was on July 28, 2012. For questions, contact Crystal Villafane atmills2002reunion@gmail.comfor information.

Class of 1999: The last reunion was October 17, 2009. For additional inquiries, you can email: Melissa Ores

Class of 1998:A ten year reunion was held on October 25, 2008. Please register for free online receive updates. For additional inquiries, you can Please include your full name (and maiden name) when emailing.

Class of 1996: The last reunion was on October 15, 2016.Please contactmillhigh1996@gmail.comfor additional information.

Class of 1995: Point of contact: Jennifer LaDuca,

Class of 1994: The last reunion was November22, 2014. Point of contact:Carlos

Class of 1992: The last reunion was held November 24, 2012. Please check Facebook page for updates!/groups/253028291476683/. For those of you who don’t have Facebook account, please feel free to email John Kong atairvtec@yahoo.comfor additional information.

Class of 1990:The last reunion was February 22, 2020 at the Hyatt Burlingame.For more information, contact Khatchig Jingirian 650-773-2299

Class of 1989:The last reunion was held in August 2009. For inquiries and to update contact information, please email Tony Guerrero and Hillary Bessiere (Boals)

Class of 1988: The last reunion was June 30, 2018. Click on this linkfor photos of the reunion! For more information, please email

Class of 1982: The lastreunion was August 25, 2012.For more information, pleaseemailMillsHigh82@gmail.comor go to the following link down below
More Information

Class of 1980: We are planning our reunion for 2024, specific date TBA. Please contact Donna (Iusi) Scheer: to get on the list for more information.

Class of 1979: The lastreunion October 10, 2009.Please contactmillshigh79@comcast.netfor more information.

Class of 1978: The last reunion was October 11, 2008. Send us your updated Please include Name (Maiden), Home Phone, Cell Phone, Home/Email Address. We look forward to hearing from you - Your Class of 1978 Reunion Committee

Class of 1976: The last reunion was May 18, 2019 at the Crystal Spring Golf Club. Please contactMonique Von Sheven atMonique.vs@yahoo.comor at 415-455-8558 and/orRoane Akchurin atWorldlyro42@gmail.comor at 805-453-7463.

Class of 1975: The last reunion was October 9, 2010. Point of

Class of 1974:Point of contact: Mr. Jim Pappas, Millbrae;Link:;

Class of 1973: The last reunion was June, 29, 2013. Point of contact: for more information.We want to hear from you and update our records.

Class of 1971: Our next reunion will be held May 14, 2022. For further information, please contactSuzanne Barron Check out our website:

Class of 1970: The last reunion was June 26, 2010.Please contact Joni atjonisb@aol.comto provide your contact information, including name, address, phone number and most importantly an email address. If you would like to help us plan for future reunions, please contact Joni or Please pass on this information to everyone you know from the Class of 1970. We want to hear from you soon!

Class of 1969:The last reunion was October 11th, 2019. For more information contact: Vonnie Snyder (Orozco). Her contact info is: (818) 425-3008.

Class of 1968: Point of contact:Marilyn McKay Coy(707)

Class of 1967:Point of contact: Clare Kruse and Barbara Orr Kruse, or call usif you have contact information to update:510-521-3330.

Class of 1966: The last reunion wasOctober 15, 2016. Please contact or email your address to us. Points of contact: Dan Rogers,650-208-2844or drogers939@aol.comor Jan (Mitchell) Beougher,650-508-8083or

Class of 1964: The last reunion wasJuly 12, 2014. List Keeper: Sandy Carlson [Mary Richardson]

Class of 1963:It's time the Class of 1963 finds itself. Contact Charlie so we can get organized for some good reunion time in the near future. List keeper: Charlie

Class of 1962: The last reunion was October 20, 2012.The Mills High School Class of '62 Reunion is on Facebook ( with more details and memorabilia.For more information, email the Reunion Committee, or callMike Murphyat209-339-1039.

Class of 1961: The last reunion was September 24, 2011. at the El Rancho in Millbrae.75 classmates, a third of the remaining class, seven former faculty and significant others made for 140 dinner guests.We had a raucous evening. Click here to see the picture! Point of contact: Mrs. Ardith [Vignati] Willner, Petaluma, Keeper: Mr. Lee Livingston, Scottsdale, AZ, at

Class of 1960: The last reunion wasSeptember 25, 2010. Please send updated contact info or any questions to the list keeper Chip Hatfield at925-838-3237or

Alumni List in Memory of: Kenneth Edward Ross, Mills High School 1961; Guy Dale Lockhart-Kistner, Mills High School 1965.

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Alumni News and Events (2024)
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