Hannah Waddingham Height - How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham? (2024)

Hannah Waddingham height is 5 feet 11 inches.

In the entertainment industry, Hannah Waddingham is one of the most famous, versatile, and talented actresses. She started his career in different West End musicals, Movies, and TV shows. He gained many rewards for her performances.

You will be glad to know that Hannah Waddingham’s height is the main factor that makes her prominent in the crowd. Her height is about 5 feet 11 inches and 180cm tall, which makes her just one inch away from being 6 feet tall. Note that she did not ever feel ashamed because of her height.

In this blog post, we will discuss different aspects of the life of Hannah Waddingham. Still, our main topic of discussion is “Hannah Waddingham height weight” and “Ted lasso Hannah Waddingham height.”

Full NameHannah Waddingham
Hannah Waddingham height5 feet 11 inches
Hannah Waddingham weight68kgs
Hannah Waddingham Date of BirthJuly 28, 1974
Hannah Waddingham ProfessionEnglish actress
Hannah Waddingham Age49 years
Hannah Waddingham BirthplaceWandsworth, London, United Kingdom
Hannah Waddingham Father’s NameHarry Waddingham
Hannah Waddingham Mother’s NameMelodie Kelly
Hannah Waddingham SiblingsOnly child of his parents
Hannah Waddingham Marital StatusUnmarried
Hannah Waddingham husband NameN/A
Hannah Waddingham Kids NameKitty
Hannah Waddingham SchoolThe Academy of Live & Recorded Arts
Hannah Waddingham CollegeN/A
Hannah Waddingham boyfriend NameGianluca Cugnetto
Hannah Waddingham ReligionChristian
Hannah Waddingham HometownWandsworth in London
Hannah Waddingham Current AddressNo updated address
Hannah Waddingham Zodiac SignLeo
Hannah Waddingham NicknameNo nicknames
Hannah Waddingham Net Worth$3 Million
Hannah Waddingham social mediaInstagram, X.com

Hannah Waddingham Height And Weight

Hannah Waddinghamhas a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Her height summary is given below:

Hannah Waddingham’sheight in Inches=61.32 inches

Hannah Waddingham’sheight in feet= 5.11 feet

Hannah Waddingham’sheight in meters=1.55m

Hannah Waddingham’sheight in cm=155 cm

Hannah Waddingham’sheight in mm=1550 mm

According toCelebritytall,Hannah Waddingham comes with a weight of64kgs. Her weight summary is given below:

Weight of Hannah Waddinghamin Pounds=141pounds

Weight of Hannah Waddinghamin Kgs=64 kg

Weight of Hannah Waddinghamin Grams=64000grams

Weight of Hannah Waddinghamin milligrams=64000000 milligrams

Weight of Hannah Waddinghamin lbs. = 64 lbs.

How Old Is Hannah Waddingham?

She was born in Wandsworth, London, on July 28, 1974. She has celebrated her 49 birthdays in 2023. She belongs to a musical family because her grandparents and mother were opera singers.

After completing her graduation from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, she started her career in theatre.

Hannah Wadding Parents

Hannah Waddingham Height - How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham? (1)

Harry Waddingham is the father of Hannah Wadding. His height and age is unknown.Melodie Kelly is the wife of Hannah Waddingham. She is an opera singer. Her height is unknown. You must know that Hannah Waddingham is the only kid of her mother.

The Net Worth Of Hannah Waddingham

According to clutch points, Hannah Waddingham is a rich personality with a net worth of 3 million dollars. She mainly earned this money through different TV serials. She also earned some money through small investments.

Does Hannah Waddingham Have A Husband?

Hannah Waddingham Height - How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham? (2)

Hannah Waddingham is unmarried that’s why she has no husband. But she is engaged to Gianluca Cugnetto, who is her long-term partner. He is a hotel manager by profession.

Both have been together for a long time. In addition, they have a daughter whose Name is Kitty. She was born in the year of 2014.

Note that Gianluca and Hannah are too private about their relationship. They hardly make public appearances together.

Is Hannah Waddingham Taller Than Jason Sudeikis?

Hannah Waddingham Height - How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham? (3)

As you know, Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham are both the top performers in the hit comedy series Ted Lasso. Here, they play the roles of Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton, respectively.

This TV show is one of the top shows that has earned many awards which mainly include Emmys for both actors. Anyhow, our basic question is, “Is Hannah Waddingham taller than Jason Sudeikis?”.

No, Hannah Waddingham is slightly shorter than Jason Sudeikis because his height is about 6 feet 1/4 inches and 185.42cm. But by wearing high heels she can suppress him easily in height.

This thing does not affect her career as she is well known for being a confident and genius actress.


Hannah Waddingham is about 5 feet 11 inches tall. Her weight is about 68 kg. She is considered to be one of those actresses who engaged audiences by playing their wonderful role in different series like Les Misérables, Ted Lasso, Game of Thrones, and many other series.

She is taller than average, but this thing is not a source of embarrassment for her. Rather, she is proud of her height.

She is not officially married but she has a partner and daughter as well.


Does Hannah Waddingham Have A Husband?

As there is no publicly revealed data about it, she has a daughter named Kitty, who was born in 2016. Furthermore, she has been in a relationship with Gianluca Cugnetto for a long period. He is a hotel manager by profession.

What Nationality Is Hannah Waddingham?

Hannah is an English actress who was born on July 28, 1974 and comes with British nationality.

Who Is The Father Of Hannah Waddingham’s Baby?

As you know, Hannah Waddingham did not give any statement about it, and she kept her daughter away from Spotlight. But the fact is that she has shared her daughter with hotel manager Gianluca Cugnetto, with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time.

What Languages Does Hannah Waddingham Speak?

Hannah Waddingham can effortlessly speak Italian and French languages, as she has shown her love for languages.

What Is Hannah Waddingham Known For?

Hannah Waddingham is the most famous actress who is famous among audiences due to her role in different series. But these are major roles due to which she is famous audience:

  • Roles in Ted Lasso
  • Game of Thrones
  • Soon as Lady Bellaston in Tom Jones
Hannah Waddingham Height - How Tall Is Hannah Waddingham? (2024)
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