Truth or Dare! - OumotaStories - Keeper of the Lost Cities Series (2024)

*Takes place right before flashback but I haven’t read it in a while so don’t kill me for getting some stuff wrong*

Sophie steadily made her way to the gates of Everglen feeling unease rest inside her. This would be the first time seeing Fitz since the Atlantis incident. Of course, it wasn’t her fault what with saying goodbye to her family but she did feel a little guilty. She hadn’t even hailed him. Or Biana.

Edaline claimed Biana was making a great recovery, but…
Sophie pushed the thought out of her mind, Biana must have recovered enough if she was inviting her over right? And that also meant she probably wasn’t mad at her either. She couldn’t say the same for Fitz though…

The doors to the huge house swung open and Sophie found herself in front of Alden. He looked paler than usual, a slight gray on his face. She couldn’t blame him.

“Sophie, nice to see you here” Alden grinned, but the smile seemed forced.

“Nice to see you too, how have you been?” Sophie bit her lip as Alden looked to the side.

“Ah, well…” Alden trailed off. Sophie felt her hands clam up as she thought about what the Vacker family was going through. She’d lost her family, but at least they weren’t evil. Sophie shuddered at the thought of Amy joining the Neverseen.

The silence was broken by Della popping up from behind Alden.

“Sophie darling! Fitz and Biana are setting up in the library now, why don’t you head over there?”

Sophie thanked Della for saving her from the awkward conversation, but as she turned the handle to the library she realized more awkward conversations would be bound to happen.

Biana was the first to look up and meet Sophie’s eyes. She sprang up and rushed over to greet Sophie with a hug.

“Oh Sophie! I’ve missed you!” Biana's crisp accent made Sophie smile as she returned the hug.

“I've missed you too” Sophie responded as her eyes swept around the room looking for Fitz.

“If you're looking for my brother he’s getting extra pillows from upstairs, he’ll be back any second now”

When Fitz did return, two more figures came with him.

“Tam! Linh!” Biana hugged the twins with just as much force as she’d hugged Sophie.

Fitz grinned when his eyes met Sophie’s, and she could feel her heart doing that fluttery thing in her chest.

“Hey” He said simply, walking to where she sat.

“Hey” Sophie moved to the side, patting next to her so Fitz would sit. He did, but looked away from her.

“How are you holding up?” He questioned, still not looking at her

“About as well as I expected, you?”

Fitz didn’t respond, instead being saved by the door opening once again displaying Keefe and Dex in the doorway.

“The party has arrived!” Keefe announced swinging around in a circle, landing his eyes on Sophie when he stopped. Fitz muttered something under his breath, but Sophie didn’t catch what he said.

“Oh Keefe I missed you” Biana wrapped her arms around the blonde boy from the back, causing Sophie to suddenly become very interested in her nails.

“Good to see all of you” Keefe pulled Biana’s arms off him and turned to face her “How should I help set up?”

The group spent a while setting the room up for the slumber party, more help when Marella, Tam, and Linh joined them.

Once set up was done everyone snuggled into their sleeping bag. Everyone was in a circle with the order being Sophie, Keefe, Biana, Tam, Linh, Marella, Dex, and then Fitz next to Sophie again.

“Sophie, are there any human slumber party games you could teach us?” Biana asked

“Um…” Sophie definitely didn’t want to teach the group about spin the bottle so she tried to think of a better option “You know Truth or dare right?”

Sophie remembered Keefe’s confession of *almost* kissing Biana on a dare, so she assumed it was an elfish game as well.

“Truth or dare? No I don’t think so”

“I know it!” Dex interrupted “It’s like Dare Snare, except instead of picking between two dares you choose between telling a truth or doing a dare! I learned about it in my mom’s human movies''

“Oh! Now that sounds like fun! I’m in!” Marella grinned.

“Uh ok, everyone else good with that?” Sophie looked around, silently hoping maybe someone would say no. No one did.

“Who do we decide who starts?” Fitz asked her

“There isn’t really a set way…”

“How about you start Foster, since you know what you’re doing more than any of us” Keefe grinned “Just go easy on us while we’re adjusting”

“Ok… Dex truth or dare?”

Dex pondered this for a moment before proclaiming “Truth!”

“What’s the last lie you told?” Dex paled as Sophie finished her question.

“Reminder! As an empath, I’ll tell if anyone is lying” Keefe winked at Sophie

“Well, it was to my mom… about tonight. Well kinda…”

“What did you lie about? Surely she was fine with you coming here” Biana’s brows furrowed

“It wasn’t that!” Dex assured “But she was giving me the ‘parent talk’ about being a ‘good kid’ you know the one?” Several heads nodded, including Sophie’s. “Yeah well at one point she said ‘You’d never want to have your first kiss at something stupid party’...” Dez went quiet.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t understand where the lie comes in?” Fitz asked. Keefe and Biana clearly understood where this was going, both turning to Sophie who was looking away.

“I’m getting there!” Dex snapped “She kinda picked up that startled me and asked ‘You *haven’t* had your first kiss yet… right?’ and I told her that I hadn’t”

“No Way! Dex Dizznee had his first kiss before me?” Marella’s jaw dropped

“Wait! Who did you ki-” Fitz tried to ask before being interrupted

“Nope! Not telling you! That’s not part of the question. It’s my turn now anyway!” Dex surveyed the room “Marella truth or dare?”
“Dare easy!”

“Shout the first word in your head right now”

“Biana!” Marella said confidently “What? I’m looking at her”

Biana smiled awkwardly, looking like more of a grimace.

“Whatever! I go yeah? Mmm Wonderboy truth or dare?”

Fitz pointed to himself “Me?”. Marella groaned and nodded.


“Why have you rejected literally every girl who’s asked you out? LIke don’t you wanna have some fun?”

“Well… I guess it started as just not really seeing the appeal in dating, but then I got busy looking for Sophie and then eventually *finding* Sophie which lead to being even more busy… I think anyone I go out with has to be in this group to an extent. Not like specifically *this* group but someone who knows how much effort I’ll be putting into defeating the neverseen” There was an unspoken ‘and my brother’ in there.

“Ok ok I asked for an answer not an essay” Marella waved her hand to shut him up.

“Sorry… Dex, truth or dare” Fitz grinned like he’d beat the game

“Ugh dare! I know you’re just gonna ask about who I kissed” Fitz scowled

“Fine! Sophie, how mature can this game get?” Sophie was stunned, never expecting Fitz to go that way, especially with Dex.

“Um, I suppose it’s the darer’s choice…” Sophie winced when Dex threw his face into his hands.

“Good, Dex I dare you to down a whole cup of fizzle berry wine”” Dex let a sigh of relief

“I can do that!”

“No you can’t!” Biana shouted, sending a glare at her brother “That is so not ok, right?” sending a pleading look to Sophie.

“Only the person being dared chooses if they back out… speaking of we do need to decide a punishment for anyone who backs out”

Fitz rose, most likely getting said wine.

“What’s the one you usually do?” Biana asked Sophie

“Um… I guess taking off a piece of clothing is the most popular”

“I’m fine with that” Fitz announced somewhat proudly, returning with the bottle and handing a cup to Dex.

“Got plans tonight?” Marella teased

“I’m just feeling bold” he flashed his award winning smile, watching Dex dowe the cup easily.

“Ew! Remember we have two sets of siblings here? Let’s not too far here” Biana reminded the group

“OK.. well Biana truth or dare?”

“What's the meanest thing you’ve said to someone?”

“Ah, well that’s hard… not because I’ve said a lot of mean things of course!” Biana crinkled her nose in thought “Ok yeah I think it had to be during dad’s… off time. I went to school to collect work for me and Fitz but this kid came up to me and said a lot of mean stuff about my dad and being a Vacker. I just lost it and screamed a lot of awful things but the meanest was when I called him the w-wold and told him he’d end in exillium.”

“What's the w-word?” Sophie wondered

“It’s a pretty derogatory word used for talentless people, it’s so bad that no one even likes to say it hence ‘w-word’..” Dex answered for Biana

“Oh so it’s a slur?”

“Maybe? That’s a human thing right?”

“Yeah, except slurs can be reclaimed by the people they were used against”

“Ok ok cool but it’s my turn! Tam, truth or dare?” Biana huffed, clearly wanting to stop talking about it.

“Um, truth?” Tam groaned

“Who here are you most jealous of?”

Tam didn’t speak for a moment “Lihn, she’s so powerful and has so much more control than anyone else I know”

Lihn grinned at his brother before Keefe interrupted “Sorry Linh, That was a lie”

“No it wasn’t!” Tam defended himself “How do we know you aren’t lying”

“What would I gain? I’m telling you that was a lie because it was!”

Tam grumbled, his face flushing slightly

“You can choose to remove an article of clothing” Biana reminded, causing Tam to peel his top off and toss it to the side.

“I wish I had known about this rule beforehand, I wouldn’t have changed into my PJs already” Keefe and Sophie had been the only one who’d waited on changing.

“I’m curious who you’re really jealous of now” Lihn co*cked her head to the side “You’ll be telling me later”

“I’m sure I will… Keefe I pick you”

“Ok bangs boy! Give me your worst dare!”

“One moment” His shadow spread over to Sophie and she heard his voice fill her head.

“I want to hear some weird dirty confession of his, how would you go about doing that?” his voice whispered

“Ask him for some fantasy or whatever, he’ll definitely lie but i'll pop into his head and grab it” Sophie transmitted to him. Sure it was against the rules of telepathy to do what she was suggesting, but the rules could be bent for the game. Tam nodded and turned to Keefe.

“What’s your biggest dirty fantasy”

Keefe’s face flushed red as Sophie jumped into his mind. At first all she felt was loud internal screaming, but it settled and Sophie saw… herself?

No doubt about it, it was her and Keefe and…

“KEEFE!” Sophie shouted, whipping out of his mind

“What? I didn’t say anything yet! Don’t jump to conclusions, It’s not bad, it’s probably just-”

“Choking *and* a daddy kink?” Sophie finished for him. The room erupted with giggles.

“Foster…” Keefe’s face paled “How did you know that?”

“I Asked her to jump in your mind to be a lie detector, since you need to be held to the same responsibility the rest of us are” Tam managed through laughs

Keefe whipped his head toward Sophie again, studying her extremely red face.

“How much… who did…” Keefe threw his hands into his face

“Wait, are you saying Sophie saw a specific someone in your fantasy?” Fitz’s eyes widened with glee but also slightly shadowed with worry.

“No! Foster, you didn't, right?” But Sophie gave it away with her face.

“You Did!” Fitz yelled “Who?”

“I- rather not say but…” She turned to Keefe “Who knows, maybe you should let them know”

“About his kinks?” Dex questioned

“No, not that!” Sophie sighed “About how you feel, if you like her beyond just… that”

Keefe fiddled with his hands “You think she’d feel the same?”

“You’d probably be surprised”

“Oh come on!” Biana yelled “You cannot do this without explaining who you saw!”

“Oh she can! Foster is on my side here! Now… who should my target be? Fitzy, since you were laughing so hard let’s give you a go!”

“Aww c’mon! Some of us haven’t gotten a turn yet you know!” Marella complained.

“You will, but I have to punish Fitzy here! So What will it be?”


“You can’t pick truth *every* time” Biana complained “New rule, you can’t pick the same option more than twice in a row”

“Ok ok whatever, Fitz fell right where I wanted him anyway! Fitz, you have to tell all of us that once secret you almost told me on at our sleepover a year ago”

“You remember that?”

“Yep! So spill!”

“I.. can’t” Fitz looked away

“... and that’s because… why?” Keefe prodded

“I was saving that to tell Sophie when she gave me her big secret… As a trade off of sorts” Sophie flinched at the mention of her ‘big secret” a game of truth or dare wasn’t the best place for everyone to remember she had a secret. Especially with what she had just said to Keefe, if someone asked her she couldn’t lie and say it was her crush on Keefe since he would know what was a lie. Of course her crush on Keefe wasn’t the lie, it was the fact it wasn’t that secret. She liked both boys with no way to decide who she liked *more* and-

“Foster?” Keefe’s call brought her out of the dark

“Sorry… what? Lost in thought”

“Fitz was asking if you were ok with it” Keefe explained to her

“I’d no longer have a surprise bargaining chip to make you feel better about sharing your secret, would that be ok with you? No matter what it wouldn’t be a surprise but still you could be the only one who would know”

Sophie was glad Fitz cared about her that much to keep it even but…

“No, it’s ok! Go ahead” Fitz grimaced like he was hoping she would’ve given him an out

“Ok but, let me preface this all by saying you all have to let me finish before you say anything ok?” Once everyone nodded he continued “I Obviously like women, but for around a year now I’ve been doubting if that’s *all* I like. I know it’s weird and I’m not supposed to do that.”

“What do you mean?” Sophie interrupted, breaking the rule Fitz had set.

“I mean, it’s ok to be Gay in the lost cities but how do I explain I like women *and* men. I’ve never heard of that before”

“You’ve never heard of being Bisexual?”

“Bisexual?” Fitz furrowed his brow

“Yeah, being attracted to men and women! It’s totally normal in the human world. There’s tons of different sexualites you can be apart from just gay and straight!

“So you guys don’t think I’m like… defective or something?” Fitz glanced around the room when his eyes landed on a very oddly happy Dex.

“Dex..? You sure liked this news” Keefe mocked

“Well, yeah… um It’s just that” Dex scratched his neck and looked to the side “I’m happy I’m not the only gay one in the group even if you’re only half gay”

“Dex? You’re…” Sophie gasped, along with almost everyone in the room “But what about?”

“The kiss I know” He finished for her “I guess I’ll explain everything” Everyone leaned forward ready to hear Dex’s story

“The person I kissed… was Sophie” He let the gasps and questions sit for a moment before going back to his story “I *thought* I liked her but when we kissed it was all just so off. I thought about it for a while and realized I didn’t actually like her, I just really admired her. So I looked at almost everyone from this new angle and realized there was one person who I didn’t admire but was just… drawn to. And low and behold it wasn’t a girl. It just made perfect sense when it clicked. I liked him so much I hated him for years just to push that part of me aside”

Sophie and Marella both gasped.

“You don’t mean..” Marella started as Dex sheepishly nodded

“Mean what?” Fitz asked before Dex could stop him

“Please don’t say! I gave you a big embarrassing and deep story and I wasn’t even asked… can we please let this one rest?”

Sophie let it drop, but there was only one person Dex had ever hated that she knew of. Though she hadn’t known Dex for that long so maybe she was off.

“Well, anyone else wanna announce their gayness before we move on? Clearly it's judge free”

Marella raised her hand “I mean I just like flirting with everyone! No matter who it’s just fun, men, women, whatever”.

Sophie recognized that as what the humans called “Pansexual”, but decided to not mention it. Surprisingly though, Linh raised her hand sheepishly.

“Sophie, can I ask you something?” Linh questioned

“Sure, go ahead”

“Is there a human ‘sexuality’ as you called it that's like… you don’t see gender? Like I get I’m a girl but… I don’t really feel like I am if that makes sense but also I’m not a boy”

“Oh! That’s not a sexuality, but there’s a thing called ‘Non-binary’ which is not in the gender bianry as the name explains”

“Oh, I think I’m ‘non-bianary’ maybe” She put air quotes around the word.

“Should we use different pronouns for you? A lot of Enby people use they and them as pronouns but it’s your call”

“Umm” Linh shrinked in her seat

“What about this?” Tam offered, sitting up “We use they and them sometimes, just to test it out and see if you feel like it fits you?”. All Linh did was nod, but it was enough.

“Oh, but if you aren’t either male or female, how does that fit with being gay or straight? Or do you think you’re like my brother?” Biana wondered.

“I’m not sure, I’m still figuring it all out”

“Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the time you need” Sophie reassured her.

“Feels like we got super off track” Fitz reminded everyone “I’m supposed to ask someone right?”

Sophie nodded and Fitz scanned the room, eyes falling on a very excited Marella who was pointing to herself and tapping her chest.

“Fine” Fitz sighed “Marella”


“Have you ever faked being sick to skip something?”

“Mmm, I think I always kinda knew but then I was at the store with my mom and this teen girl walked by and… wow, she was hot as all hell” Marella stared off into space, clearly reliving the scene.

“Uh earth to Marella? Are you There?” Keefe asked, snapping Marella back to reality.

“Oops! Sorry! Uh… Linh truth or dare?”

“Mm dare!”

“Ooh bold! I like it! Say two honest things about everyone in the group, one positive and one negative”

Linh scrunched her nose “I hate to be mean…”

“Don’t worry, it’s for the dare, we’ll understand” Tam assured her.

“Ok, Tam you’re super brave but you literally don’t know what smiling is. Biana you’re absolutely stunning but you sometimes need to tone the gossiping down. Keefe, hilarious in every sense of the word but you joke too much sometimes. Sophie is crazy powerful but clueless on so many things it's crazy. Fitz… extremely handsome and…” she trailed off thinking of a negative “angry” She decided “Dex, So smart but you don’t have a sense of self personality you reflect who you’re with. And Marella… interesting like I wanna know everything about you but need to be nicer and let people in sometimes”

“Wow, and I thought you would hold back” Tam laughed, making Linh flush

“Did I go too far?”

“No way! We needed to hear it” Keefe grinned “ ‘Specially Fitzy here”

“Hey!” Fitz threw a pillow at Keefe using his telekinesis

“Tam, I pick you” Linh ignored the conversation

“Dare” Tam looked far too smug but Linh wiped that smile off quite quickly

“Let Biana give you a makeup!”

“I’d rather die”

“Well, Unless you wanna be in your underwear…”

“God damnit fine” Tam groaned “Do what you wanna”

Biana squealed “Be right back” and rushed out of the room.

When Biana returned, Tam paled at the amount of makeup Biana had in her arms.

“You’re lucky I already passed a round…” Tam muttered, turning to face Biana who has squatted near him.
“Yeah ok whatever, now close your eyes and don’t move” Biana began putting different bottles up to Tam’s neck.

No one talked for a minute, watching Biana carefully apply a liquid to Tam’s skin and softly powder his face.

Suddenly Sophie felt a hand tap her shoulder, looking up, she met Keefe’s eyes. Sophie felt guilt rise into her chest as she scanned Keefe’s face. His worrisome eyes didn’t match the forced smile clasped to his face.

“Can we talk? Outside?” Keefe whispered to her.

“Ok..” Sophie whispered back, turning to ask the group “Can I step out real quick?”

“Why?” Linh asked, not looking away from Biana who was now dusting Tam’s eyes with a dark power.

“Asking for Foster’s help for a dare I came up with, can't have you guys hearing it!” Keefe replied for her.

“What about Sophie using her crazy special telepathy” Marella mentioned.

“Then Fitz could jump in, he knows how to break Foster’s blocking now!”

“Just be quick! This won’t be much longer” Biana waved them out as she swiped a Black liner under Tam’s eyes.

Sophie and Keefe both stood and walked towards the door. Keefe opened the door and let Sophie exit, following after her. As soon as the door clicked shut behind them, Keefe let out a breath.

“So… this isn’t about a dare, is it?” Sophie wondered aloud, facing Keefe.

“No, I..” Keefe huffed out a drawn out breath “You know what this is about, Foster.”

“I know” Sophie couldn’t say anything else

“I’m sorry” Keefe finally said, after a stretch of silence.


“I don’t know, everything? I shouldn’t be thinking about you like… that” Keefe couldn’t meet her eyes.

“Keefe…” Sophie resisted the urge to tug out an eyelash “I meant what I said, you know”

“I don’t wanna it to happen like this” Keefe’s hands tangled his hand into his hair, looking away “I mean… you don’t understand”

“No I don’t” Sophie confessed “So can you maybe help me to?”

“It’s just that I can’t… *we* can’t” Keefe went silent again

Sophie gripped her tunic “Do you mean, you don’t like be beyond-”

“No!” Keefe’s eyes were wide “Not in the slightest, but… god how I do say this”

“By saying it? Keefe there’s been a lot of things I didn’t want to say to you but I have because you wanted me to. Can’t you return that favor?” Keefe only responded by kicking the wall.

“I’ve been lying to someone for a long time about liking you and I don’t know what I should do. If we suddenly started dating he would realize what I has been doing”

“Why would you lie about that?”

“Said someone… well he might also like you a lot” Keefe wouldn’t meet Sophie’s eyes, but she just stepped forward to him.

“I get it, Friendship or Relationship. It’s not easy.” Finally their eyes connected “What if we don’t make it a public deal? If you want, if not we can forget the whole thing.”

“Like, just not tell anyone?” Keefe confirmed

“Yeah, you can slowly explain to the person or just tell them you only recently began liking me”

“And in the meantime? What do we do when everyone is around?”

“We act the same, the only change we make is promising each other we won’t date anyone else. We can act however we want when it’s just us, or whoever you wanna tell” Keefe pulled Sophie into him, as she spoke.

“You’d be ok with that?” He asked

“For you? I think I’d be ok with anything” maybe it was wrong for Fitz to be totally forgotten, but Sophie had zero thought of him in her head. It was almost like Fitz was the perfect guy she had dreamed herself being with that she forgot to realize if she really liked him for him. But for Keefe has no fears, she loved him because he was him and nothing else.

“Anything? That’s quite the promise?” Keefe’s wit was back in a flash

“Yep, one I’m willing to keep… for the most part. Now are you ready to head back in there?” Sophie asked

“That I am, my not-girlfriend!” Keefe let go of Sophie and pulled himself around to the door. Sophie followed and they entered the room.

“Tam! You look… wow!”

‘Wow’ Was the only word Sophie could think of. Tam looked like he was supposed to be in a boy band for teenagers.

“See,” Tam whined, “Let me take it off!”

“Sophie didn’t mean it in a bad way, isn’t that right Sophie!” Biana pulled the makeup wipes far away from Tam.

“Not at all! You look great, just unexpected!” Sophie defended.

“Whatever… Sophie truth or dare?”

Sophie considered her options for a moment.

“Dare! Let’s be fun” maybe it was her moment with Keefe, but something was making her feel like being exciting.

“You can’t laugh for 10 minutes, every time you do you have to remove a layer”

“Woah, that’s not really fair? You can’t make the dare include the punishment for not doing it” Keefe defended.

“It’s fine Keefe, I’ll just remove something now and get it over with” Sophie flung her cape away, finally returning to her seat.

“Now! Fitz, truth or dare?”

“I have to pick a dare now so…” Fitz shrugged

“Hmm, give anyone here a new nickname!” Sophie didn’t have many good ideas, but she tried.

“Ok, what if I call you ‘Mrs. Right’ since you’re always right!” Fitz decided. Surprisingly, Sophie didn’t even blush.

“Psh, I am not always right, but I’ll take the compliment anyway”

“Sure…” Fitz scanned the room “Now for a victim. Tam!”

“Dude! I *just* went” Tam complained

“Too bad! Now truth or dare”


“Would you date anyone other than your current crush if you were asked out?”

“And how do you know I even have a current crush?” Tam glowered

“Well… Linh might’ve slipped up and said she said you were doodling initials in your notebook”

“Aw! That’s adorable!” Biana giggles

“Linh! I told you not to tell anyone you saw that” He side eyed his sister

“That was after I told him!” Linh said defensively

“f*ck you perfect boy, but no, I wouldn’t. No one’s impressed me like she has. And if any of you ask me who it is I will leave.”

“Fair, Fair, though…” Fitz pondered for a moment before shaking his head “Nevermind”

“What? Something interesting definitely just crossed your mind” Marella pressed

“Well… If everyone here had a crush on someone then we could all do a big share session as long as we promised a no judgment zone but” Fitz’s eyes fell on Keefe “not all of us do”

Keefe looked away.

“I honestly like that idea! How about we end on that? We do this and then get to sleep so we can all kinda sleep on this whole newfound knowledge!” Biana was squealing a bit.

“But what about the people who don’t like anyone?” Fitz pressed.

“Does anyone here not like someone?” Keefe asked the group, to no one’s surprise nobody raised their hands “Guess that’s settled!”

Fitz looked at Keefe with a questioning mix between a glare and a wonder.

“Now the hard part, who will go first?” Keefe asked as the room fell silent. It was Marella who finally broke it.

“Whatever, I’ll be brave!” She took in a shaky breath side eyeing everyone before she locked eyes with a certain girl.

“Linh, I’m kinda sorta maybe in love with you just a bit” Marella finally coughed out

“Marella…” Linh let out a breath, then smiled “I’m so happy you actually feel the same!”

Everyone’s eyes went wide, but none wider than Marella’s.

“Seriously? Woah…” Marella giggled.

“Yeah! Totally! Well, um that’s mine too so” Linh cracked her knuckles “that was easy”

“We will be talking tomorrow” Tam looked between Linh and Marella

“Yeah yeah brooder” Linh rolled her eyes “How about you go then”

Tam’s mouth went incredibly dry.

“This is judgment free, and nothing said here will leave this room” Biana reminded him which only made Tam blush more.

“f*ck I- Biana…” Tam couldn’t manage anything more out

“Hmm?” Biana didn’t quite understand he was saying he liked her

“You!” Tam covered his face, pulling his bangs down

“Me!” Biana gasped.

“Wasn’t that pretty obvious?” Fitz laughed “I mean everyone kinda saw the way you two danced around each other”

“Oh you’re one to speak about being obvious!” Biana retorted before turning back to Tam “Anyway, Tam I do in fact feel the same” Tam smiled but kept his face mostly hidden.

“Can Dex go? I’m dying to know if I was right!” Marella interrupted

“Gah! No way!” Dex’s face was bright red

“You’ll have to go eventually” Sophie reminded “Why not get it over with?” She didn’t wanna admit how curious she was herself.

“Judgment free!” He reminded everyone “I hate you all”. He set with his head in this hands for a few seconds before a shaky arm raised to point at Fitz.

“Yes! I knew it!” Marella celebrated

“What!” Fitz just stared at the finger pointing towards him. Dex retracted it quickly and pressed it back into his face, not letting anyone see him.

“It’s fine… I just didn’t expect it” Fitz reassured.

Sophie bit her lip, it was down to the final three. Maybe an hour ago she would have been shaking in her cape but now she was scared about Keefe’s answer. Who would he lie about? Would it even be a lie?

“Well let’s see your answer Fitz! I’m sure it’s someone no one would expect” Biana smiled sarcasm dripping from her voice

“I suppose, but I’m quite curious to hear Keefe’s answer”

“And I’m quite curious to hear Foster’s but you don’t hear me demanding her to tell yet”

“What if you both go at the same time?” Marella suggested

“Fine” Fitz agreed.

“Whatever, but you gotta promise me something Fitzy”


“You won’t be mad I didn’t tell you before”

“A little too late for that if I’m honest, I thought I knew why for a second but I’m second guessing myself now”

“Well just promise anyway”

“Fine, I promise” Fitz reached out his hand and they shook on it.

“3” the two began to count in sync “2”

“Sophie!” Both boys said, looking at the blonde. Leaving her in surprise.

“Fitz? You?” She almost laughed, an hour ago this would’ve been her dream but a little sense had been dipped into her. How funny it was, seeing herself in Keefe’s head had brought clarity to her big problem.

“Yes, Sophie you’re… just perfect” Fitz smiled, fully ignoring Keefe. Sophie looked at the blonde, frowning at how sad he looked. As if he thought she would change her mind now. She couldn’t have that.

“Sorry Fitz but…” Sophie moved in front of Keefe, putting her hands in his. She took a deep breath before closing her eyes and pushing her lips into his.

Shock consumed him, but a second later he kissed back. When they parted, the whole room’s eyes were on the pair.

“Keefe.” Fitz’s voice was dark. Keefe’s eyes traveled over Sophie, meeting the Telepath’s.

“I guess you know why I lied now…” he half heartedly chuckled

“Whatever. I… need a minute” Fitz stood and left the room without another word.

“Sorry…” Sophie muttered “I Shouldn’t have done that”

“It’s ok, I mean you would’ve had to say something” Keefe reassured her

“I’m just… shocked” Biana broke in, much to everyone’s agreement

“Yeah I kinda thought you were like head over heels with Capt’ perfect” Marella chuckled

“Well, I guess I can be surprising… now I think I need to get ready for bed” Sophie rose, letting Keefe’s hands go as he rose with her.

“So do I, and I should probably talk to Fitz…”

The night was far more eventful than Sophie assumed it would’ve been, but she couldn’t complain.

…and she couldn’t wait for the next game of truth or dare that was destined to come.

Truth or Dare! - OumotaStories - Keeper of the Lost Cities Series (2024)
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